July 17, 2023   1pm - 3 pm [PENDING]

Wave Hill, Riverdale NY

Topic: Incense & Smudge Workshop

Join Melissa Rivera of Holistic Energy Healing in learning the history and uses of incense and smudge bundles. You will be guided in a gentle meditation and collectively you learn how to create incense cones and a smudge bundle inspired by the aromas of the Herb Garden. You will be able to walk away with finished products as well as a handout of recipes, natural ingredient resources and a new modality to add to your self wellness care. 

Registration required, online or by calling 718.549.3200 x251.

Questions? Please email us at or call the telephone number and extension above.

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September 15 - 17, 2023 - Smoke & Ashes @ Tea Biscuit Inn & Herbary |      Wells, NY

Topic: Seeing Through the Smoke to Rise from the Ashes

Objective: To create your own personal healing methods to seek comfort in times of discomfort. To use these methods to allow for growth and self-love.

Class: Women are the glue that keeps the family from falling apart. What happens when no one is making sure you have what you need to not fall apart? For many of us, our worlds have shifted, and we had to jump right into new modes of survival. We have spent the last 2 years of so talking about self-care. I don't know about you but for me, I was becoming burned out from all the self-care talk. Why does it take a natural disaster or pandemic for us to take care of ourselves? In our time together I am going to share with you the strategies I implemented for myself with the burn out experience and some personal hiccups that soon followed. I will share with you the ThetaHealing modality and we will experience this together in a meditative state. We will share in drinking a nourishing tea and we will also create an ornamental crown to embrace our powerful selves.

What to bring: Your ability to be open, your desire to be present and your willingness to embrace the discomfort.