September 15 - 17, 2023

Smoke & Ashes @ Tea Biscuit Inn & Herbary |      Wells, NY

Topic: Seeing Through the Smoke to Rise from the Ashes

Objective: To create your own personal healing methods to seek comfort in times of discomfort. To use these methods to allow for growth and self-love.


Words cannot explain the excitement I have for this upcoming weekend gathering of woman. This is Marita Orr's 2nd Annual Event at her location, The Seabiscut Inn & Herbary
The weekend is filled with workshops, vendors, plant share, penny social and so much more. Marita is an incredible healer, herbalist and chef. She prepares all meals from start to end and it is all made truly with love. 
I will be offering an empowering divine feminine mediation using ThetaHealing techniques and we will then take that energy and create floral crowns. 
Here is a sampling of the offerings:
Melissa Rivera Meditation Crown
Luna Hacker Preforms a Séance
Julie Hundley Cannabis Medicine
Sara Artist Yogi Hart Morning Yoga
Tammy Huckabone Herb walk
April Rose Alexander Self-care
Tiffany Johnson-Robbins Meridians
Missi Blake Pillars of Deep Nutrition
Kim Moratto Orgonite
Cheryl Snowdeal Tarot Wisdom
Jill E Bean Reiki 1
Liz Henke Spiritual Bathing Yoni steam
Melissa Laurita Kohl Herbal Pasta
Andrea Sauer MedicinePainting
Heather Thurber Electuaries
Willow Sacred Face Body Painting
Becca Herrington Divine dancing
Sarah Shepherd Singing Campfire
Cara Mia Bacchiochi Mask Making
Sara Artist Yogi Hart Morning Yoga
Tammy Huckabone Herb Walk
Debbie Biltonen Golden Answers
Marita Orr Grapevine Basket
Sara Ganster Shield and Stone
For more information for registration (closes on 7/26) CLICK HERE

What to bring: Your ability to be open, your desire to be present and your willingness to embrace the discomfort.