JP 2 at 2 days old (2005)
JP at 2 days old (2005)

Being a single mom is the most rewarding responsibility I have ever had. I will be honest and say that it has also been the most challenging. 

Two thousand and five brought me the sweetest little angel and I knew motherhood was for me. I was actually sad that the pregnancy was over because I loved having him all to myself. Every moment was special and I never wanted it to end. I tried to balance being a wife, new mom and then subsequently going back to work after 3 months. I couldn't get home fast enough to see him and get him ready for bedtime. 

Fast forward to when I became a single mom. Ready for this? Five months to the day, his dad decided he wanted out. I am not sure if the timing is ever right when one decides to leave a marriage, but geez, the night before his christening is when the bomb was dropped! 

Dealing with this new way of life catapulted me to where I am today. I managed and survived and THRIVED! Yes, it took 17 years of ups and downs, some more downs and many more ups for me to learn many lessons. 

I have put all of this experience into my coaching work because I understand what it feels like to feel pain and question decisions. 

My all-time favorite picture of JP when he wakes up. (2006)

My approach to helping you to find your badass self in your journey is genuine and honest. Understanding that this is a process is key to your success. Take the good with the bad is also key to your growth.

Trust me, before you know it your child will be 18 and wanting to live his/her/their own life. In a blink of an eye they are off venturing into their young adult world and you are left trying to figure out who you are. Let's work together to figure this out before they leave, or do they ever really leave?!

Mother & Son Dance (2012)


2003: Aromatherapy & Chakras

Open Center - NYC, NY | Teacher: 

2004: Aromatherapy Retreat

Aroma Tours - Marseille, France 

Teachers: Robbi Zech, Kurt Schnaubelt, & others

2006: Level 1 Herbalism Program

Third Root Community Center - Brooklyn, NY 

Teachers: Jacoby Ballard & Karen Rose

2013: Level 1 Foundations of Aromatherapy

NY Institute of Aromatherapy - NYC, NY  | Teacher: Amy Galper

2019: Shamanic Plant Medicine 7 Month Program

Green Girl Herbs & Healing | Teacher: Karine Gordineer

2020: Integrative Health Coach

Institute of Integrative Nutrition - Online | Various

2020: Level 1 The Sacred Heart of Herbalism

Green Girl Herbs & Healing | Teacher: Karine Gordineer

2021: Level 2 The Sacred Heart of Herbalism

Green Girl Herbs & Healing | Teacher: Karine Gordineer

2023: Yoga Teacher Training 200 (in progress)

Flow and Restore Collective | Ashley Straw & Jocelyn Cruz

2023: The Botanical Resins & Guns Course (in progress)

The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine | Evan Sylliaasen

2023: Usui Reiki 1 Practitioner

Demure Lyfe | Sienna Van Dunk


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