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Weekend Retreat September 17-19, 2021

In 2019, Marita Orr formerly of Poughkeepsie NY and now the owner of the Tea Biscuit Inn & Herbary in Wells, NY put together an incredible weekend retreat for 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 she had to postpone the event for a full year. The time has come and this coming weekend we will be gathering in a beautiful place near the Adirondack Mountains Trail.

The woman who will be in attendance will be leading ceremonies, talks, classes and sharing in hugs. I am super excited about this event because I am in awe of many of the teachers and can't wait to be in their presence.

My contribution is a soapmaking class where students will learn about the art of making soap from scratch using plant oils and seed butters. I will be helping set up the swap that many woman are participating in and sharing their goodness from their hearts and hands.

Here is who you can find in attendance and the gift they will be sharing:

  • Willow Diana - Cacao Ceremony  and Closing Ceremony
  • Rochelle Baca - Sacred Plant Spa Day
  • Jill E. Bean - Elderberry Syrup for Protection
  • Missi Blake-  Adressing Adrenal Fatigue
  • Tiffany Johnson-Robbins - Cidar
  • Michele Courten Derwin - Sourdough Bread Making
  • Sara Ganster - Rose Medicine
  • Liz Henke - Anointing Oils
  • Jenni Love - Manifesting with the Tarot
  • Heather Thurber - Herbal Electuaries
  • Kim Moratto Orgonite
  • Melissa Rivera - Cold processed soap making
  • Tiffany Johnson-Robbins - Wild Edibles
  • Cheryl Snowdeal - Sacred Creations
  • Erin VanRiper - Creating Fire
  • Morning Yoga with Sara Artist Yogi Hart
  • Morning Herbs walk with Tammy Huckabone

I can't wait to share photos with you when I come home.

Herbal & Aromatic Love,


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