Wait? What?? I did it!


Casually scrolling Instagram a week or so ago, I came across the 'gram for Atlas Studios advertising available spaces. I have dreamed of being at this location for some time but never thought it would happen. I love the vibe of a converted warehouse filled with artisans building their dreams. I realized I can be impulsive and in doing so, I called. Best call of the year! I spoke to Ms. Tiera set up a date/time to visit and then fell in love. IT IS PERFECT!!

The truth is working on your business from home is challenging. Making bath and body products that are herbal & aromatic can be tricky. What many people may not be aware of is a dedicated space is usually best to make sure there are high levels of consistency, a place that is clean and sterile and honestly, a space where all of your stuff is located in one place. I have been on and off making products since 2004 and as I have grown to teach classes and private coaching sessions, it never felt comfortable to do it from home.

Studio G19 will allow me to do so much more. I will have the space divided into sections, a section for a small retail space, a coaching section, a production space and a space for classes. The energy I hope to bring to you is what I had in my original store front in Cornwall, NY. You will walk in and feel the positive love and energy there to  embrace you. Come on in to chat and learn as we somehow go back to our normal of engagement and conversation.

Stay tuned for classes and Open Studio hours where you can stop in and shop.

Herbal & Aromatic Love,



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