Morning Walk on the Riverfront


This morning I decided to go for a walk on the riverfront with my dog Mater. I love the beauty it shares with all of us who take the time to be present. The riverfront gives me the space I need to be still. It gives me the space to think and be present. It gives me the space to feel. I thank the Mother Earth, the water, the mountains and the creature's thanks for letting me hang with them for a bit.

I don't normally share personal stuff on my business page but today is different. You see, I coach others to listen to their intuition, to allow to be present when the signs and symbols present themselves. Lately, I have been struggling with doing that for myself. Partly because I am human and have moments where I just disconnect from being present.

I have a few new plans in the works to better my life and my financial freedom. I am going back to graduate school; I am looking to build a tiny store on wheels so I can be free to bring my goodness to you. I also am raising a young man who has his own struggles. In other words, I am busy and at times overwhelmed.

Last night I had a dream that was pretty vivid and scary. It was about my son and his struggles and my struggles to be a great mom and support to him. This brings me back to the riverfront. I stopped to help Mater with his harness, and I put him on a bench, so I didn't have to bend down. When I placed Mater on the bench, this is what I saw:

You maybe wondering what this means. My son loved the Cars movie for as long as I can remember. The characters mean a lot to me and it brings me back to when he was just a little guy. It makes me feel secure and happy. It makes me feel warm and joyful. I immediately smiled because this was the sign I needed to let me know that he will be ok; we will be ok. To top it off the word LOVE was right underneath the car.

I continued to walk Mater, oh and if you didn't realize, Mater is the name of tow truck in the Cars movie! I snapped pics along the way because I wanted to capture the moment and I also like to use them as background photos on my computer to help me stay grounded and focused.

I snapped the following picture because I loved the way the sun's rays hit the water and how the mountains always support the surroundings. When I arrived home and looked at the pictures to show my son, I saw this beautiful little green dot, my guardian angel. I immediately was brought to tears because my spirit guides were with me on my morning walk.

Always look for the signs, never ignore the symbols.

Aromatic & Botanical Love,

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