In Gratitude: 2023 Part 2


The new year always bring the delight of new thoughts about how we will do things differently. For some, it can be letting go of bad habits and for others it can be the opposite, creating new habits. I am always thankful for a new year and new experiences. This year there is excitement that my son will be turning 18, we will be buying a home (keep your fingers and toes crossed!) & letting go of toxic energies. 

Every year I plan for how I will grow the business, will I rebrand (again), or will I venture out a little more in putting HEH on the map. I always invest in classes that will help me learn more and grow too. This year, I decided my investments will be for me. Now, I know that might sound selfish, but the truth is I want to be able to take care of me, because when you take care of you, you are actually taking care of others and in my case, my business. 

This year I am embracing my finances and learning how to not live paycheck to paycheck anymore. Crazy right? I am working with a credit counselor to help me get some things in order and I also enrolled in a 4 week wealth building bootcamp taught by Alicia Holmes, an incredible financial guru who created a community for women of color to be able to grow their wealth. I need to break the cycle so I can retire and be able to live a better life. 

I also enrolled in a yoga teacher training program with Ashley Straw of Flow & Restore Yoga. This will be the most challenging thing I can ever do because it will be intense and I haven't been on a yoga mat in 10 years. I am doing this to be able to connect more to my body. I feel so disconnected from my body because I don't like my body. I also use the philosophies I am taught in my coaching practice. Who knows, I may be teaching yoga too! 

Many incredible things on the horizon and I am excited! will continue!

Herbal & Aromatic Amor,


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