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Herbal Facial Steam

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Size: .9 oz / 25 grams

2 Month Supply @ 2 TBS each use

Facial Steams are a perfect way of adding a new practice to your facial care. This facial steam will last you 2 months / 8 weeks. It is best to use weekly at 2 TBS per use. Herbal facial steams help open up the pores and smooth the skin. The steam from the herbs provide any skin calming effects to give you that glow and sense of relaxation.

Directions: Put 2 TBS of the herbal mix in a small bowl. Pour hot water over the herbs like you are making a tea and be careful not to get too close so you don't burn yourself. Place your face a few inches away from the bowl with a towel draped over your head. Take in the aromas while saying mantras to ease your mind. When done, cool your face with a favorite toner to close the pores and add the finishing touches to your beauty routine.

Ingredients: Chamomile Petals*, Lavender Buds*, Rose Petals* & Borage Leaf*.

*Denotes organic