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Chakra is Sanskrit for energy wheels in various focal points of the body. There are 7 Chakras starting with the Root Chakra (feet) all the way up to your Crown Chakra (top of head).

Balancing the Chakras is the act of helping your energy wheels slow down or speed up. When you are feeling slow and sluggish in a particular Chakra, it means that your energy wheel is stagnate or slow. As vice versa, if your Chakra is over stimulated or moving too fast, it needs to be readjusted to slow down.

I use several tools to conduct Chakra balancing which include an initial health assessment, intuition, & light talk therapy to help you gain focus, clarity and stability.

During our time together I will be working on creating a custom blend of essential oils. This blend is your personalized blend that will be added to a roller ball so you can apply it whenever you need it.

During our Zoom meeting we will discuss your health assessment and I will provide guidance and support in helping you achieve your goals.

You will receive a custom aromatherapy blend and crystals/gemstones to assist with your specific need. (This will be send via postal mail).

Once your order is received I will reach out via phone/email to set up an appointment.


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