What Does it Mean?

Since October 2020, I have been attending a weekly Singing Bowl Meditation via Zoom with my friend Beth from Beth's Healing Temple in Cornwall, NY. Prior to COVID, we would meet in her home, and it was the beginning of my journey in this healing modality. When she offered to do conduct sessions via Zoom, I jumped on the chance.

This weekly practice has opened up my own internal intuitive capabilities. It has also opened me up to be more mindful to what is around me in subtle ways. Earlier this week I had come across the number 824 a few times. This isn't the first time, but it was the first time I decided to look more into the symbolism of what it means. I will say that I always feel grounded when I see the number.

According to the Angel numbers, 824 is considered a force concentrated in movement which disturbs the structed path set forth. The gift is that it allows for the opening of new paths that gives the person the flexibility to make things happen. Obstacles are non-existent because the person just won't allow it. In other words, 824 is an energetic opening vibration, the goal is always successful.

The angelic message is to be positive and be optimistic. When the number is seen regularly it means my angel is inviting one to relax & remain positive.

I share this because there have been a few opportunities I have decided to move forward with. I decided to go back to Graduate School and change my career. I also decided that I wanted to move forward with reaching out to Esther and Bob from Willowbee Tiny Homes from Saugerties, NY to design a tiny apothecary on wheels for Holistic Energy Healing, LLC. Esther and I spoke, and I am happy to work with her and her husband.

I am making my dreams come true. I am making big decisions and putting things into action. Usually, I am fearful of pursuing such ventures but after the year we all had I am making moves.

Pay close attention to numbers, to symbols, to things you see that make you feel a certain way. Take time to reflect on what it could possibly mean. Enjoy the exploring and learning.

PS: the # 824 is also my birthday.

Herbal & Aromatic Blessings,

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