In Gratitude: 2022 Part 1


This week is the beginning of the holiday celebrations. I will be celebrating the way I love the most, time with my son watching classic 80's and 90's movies and eating food that nourishes our souls.

We aren't very big on holidays because it causes us lots of angst to be in a space with many people and lots of stimuli. Don't get me wrong, we love our family, but it is challenging for us.

The beginning of 2022 provided me the opportunity to be let go from a job that wasn't meeting my expectations. The first 90 days were filled with fear and confusion, but I quickly had clarity after a Full Moon meditation that I have been given the opportunity to live my best life. 


April 2, 2022, we moved onto a beautiful homestead in New Paltz into a 30 ft travel trailer. I am wake up every day in gratitude to my friend who didn't hesitate when I called her to ask a random question, "can I live on your property temporarily in my 30 ft travel trailer that is being delivered in 24 hours?" This is the beginning of a life I never thought I could ever live, because as a Virgo, my life is planned out. This new shift was not a plan I prepped for. 

Lessons learned: (1) the Universe provides (2) ultimate control was not all mine (3) staying present is fundamental & (4) it really will be ok. 

...To be continued

Herbal & Aromatic Amor,


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